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Communication & strategy

Communication is most essential in any project, event, marketing product or team effort. Coming from a family of communication and psychology professionals, I was brought up with communicational methods at hand. Today, I know communication is key.

I am for hire as a communications professional, as an advisor, team manager or as member of a team.

Team lead

Leading teams of media producers, content creators, event teams, as well as press and marketing campaign teams has brought me the joy of firsthand running productions.

Ultimate highlight of my productional work was the visit of the giant marionettes of the world-famous French street-theater company Royal de Luxe. Their giants are the biggest in the world. During their three-day Dutch premiere, I worked with 100 volunteers to guide them through an audience of 420.000.

I am for hire as an events coordinator and production manager.

Creative productions

Be it social media content with a short production turn-around, big productions with high exposure, or long-running campaigns that require more attention, my international network of video production companies and producers in all fields of content creation enables me to connect businesses to the best people and teams for any content challenge.

I am for hire as a creative producer and content manager. I can produce content independently, or utilize my international network of highly talented content creators to create anything from bite-sized content to large-scale campaigns.