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The Giants of Royal de Luxe – event & press coordination

European Capital of Culture 2018

Role: international press coordinator, volunteer coordinator

Volunteer coordinator
The visit of French theatre spectacle The Giants of Royal de Luxe to Leeuwarden was the very first time the Giants visited The Netherlands. Marionettes of up to 14 meters tall attracted around 425.000 people to visit Leeuwarden over the course of three days. Guiding the Giants through this heard of people was done by 220 volunteers using nothing other than an orange plastic cord. As one of the coordinators of the volunteers, I was in charge of the 110 volunteers that cleared the path for the Little Giant Girl and Xolo the dog.

International press coordinator
Besides my responsibilities during the event, I was in charge of promoting the event internationally in the run up to the event. Working closely with the National Bureau for Tourism and Congresses (NBTC), UK PR agency Four Colman Getty and the press officer in charge of Royal de Luxe overall, the event was pitched in Paris, London, Munich, Cologne, and other European cities. The event received a storm of media attention both nationally as internationally.

Header image by Ruben van Vliet.