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Way back when…
Growing up in a rural city in the north of The Netherlands, I came to understand at an early age what a location means for your sense of identity. In 2009, I lept into capturing what happened around me as photographer for VPRO‘s online music magazine 3voor12/Friesland. Some years later I advanced to become the local Editor-in-Chief, leading a team of volunteer music and media fanatics.

Until one day…
Fast forward to 2018, when Leeuwarden-Friesland wore the title of European Capital of Culture. This large-scale international project put a sense of community, identity and sustainability at the heart of its programme. From early 2015 until the end of 2018, I developed myself synchronously with this quickly maturing organisation; as all-round content manager in a small marketing team in 2015, to spearheading the international press and marketing team in a full-fledged marketing machine of 60+ people at the height of 2018. Along the way I took an active role in the events of 2018, with leading a team of 100 volunteers to guide the Giants of Royal de Luxe through a crowd of 420.000 people as the absolute highlight.

But now…
A sense of identity is never static. It needs to be tested and transformed. After 2018 I moved to The Hague to pursue working as freelancer. Today, I work with start-ups tackling societal issues and a variety of cultural projects. I develop creative ways for companies to stand out from the crowd through content, livestreams, events, and press campaigns. Companies I call home are UP! and Common Ground, Common Sense, working with clients such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare (VWS), the municipality of Leeuwarden, and a multitude of local and regional cultural operators.

current work

I am currently available for marketing strategy, content creation and coordination assignments across The Netherlands.

Current projects:

  • Common Ground Common Sense – a multitude of projects aimed at showcasing the things we share (the commons) through arts and cultural development.
  • UP! – a movement creating a new perspective on growing older.

Claudia Woolgar

“ Jort is a strong and positive member of the team, committed to team spirit, and has also proven himself able to work on his own initiative with positive results for the broader organisation. He is able to look ahead and plan accordingly, and offers good analytical input in planning and evaluation meetings, which he combines with a creative and committed approach to problem solving. ”

- Claudia Woolgar, Co-Artistic Leader of European Capital of Culture 2018

Tjeerd van Bekkum

“ De portfolio die Jort heeft opgebouwd binnen LF2018 is sterk. Hij heeft laten zien dat hij zowel op het strategische, tactische als operationele niveau kan opereren in een complexe en te ontginnen gebied als de internationale marketing en communicatie van LF2018. Hij is een van de voorbeelden voor mij dat ook met een jong team een complex project als LF2018 snel volwassen kan worden en de doelen meer dan voldoende kan bereiken. LF2018 is qua internationale profilering een groot succes ”

- Tjeerd van Bekkum, CEO of European Capital of Culture 2018